About Us


"To free up our clients’ time by offering a trustworthy, environmentally-safe, and effective cleaning service. We uphold our commitment to quality by utilizing an efficient, thorough, and professional team. We strive to utilize only non- toxic, biodegradable cleaning products that are both effective and environmentally-safe."

We are so excited about Amy's Green Cleaning's success! Amy & Rhydon have worked hard to make the growth of AGC what it is today. We can honestly say that we currently have the strongest Green Cleaning Team we have ever had! With this, we are determined to give you the best green cleaning service you have ever dreamed of receiving. We use only products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment, every time and all the time!

In 2015, we began the process of breaking away from purchasing commercial green cleaning products and developing our own line of top quality eco-friendly cleaning products, Amy's Green Cleaning Products. Researching, making and testing the line of green products assured Amy that they truly act as a disinfectant, is safe for our team as we clean your home, and safe for you & your family. We know every single ingredient that is used in the making of each product. This thrills Amy to no end!

Amy’s Green Cleaning has been servicing the Northeast Georgia area for over 19 years now. Our business model has remained the same from day one…”The most important client is the client we are providing green cleaning services for right here, right now”. This is evident in our methods and work ethic. Every morning, we are excited to see the gratitude and excitement as we leave the office, on our way to provide the best green cleaning service in the area.

We would love to add you to our client list! Please call today for a free consultation. As a client, you will be assigned one person to work with you and who understands your needs. Keep in mind that Amy’s Green Cleaning is licensed, insured, & bonded.  

We conduct background checks and follow-up with references for all of our new team members. Each and every team member is then trained to meet the high standards required by Amy’s Green Cleaning. 

We are very grateful for our success and look forward to many more years of doing what we love with Amy’s Green Cleaning.

Meet Our Team

Amy Mays


I am married to my best friend and business partner and am a grateful mother of 3 beautiful boys. My new passion is creating environmentally-conscious cleaning products. I am grateful for all my Cleaning Tech’s and clients for helping us be the company we are today. I also want to thank Sherry Clive for helping me and Rhydon have a life outside of work. I am truly blessed. 

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Rhydon Mays


​A semi-retired chef, Rhydon joined Amy's Green Cleaning in 2005 on a part-time basis. He jumped in as the full-fledged Operator and Co-Owner of the business in 2008. Rhydon enjoys fishing, camping, hiking and spending time with his family. He and Amy have been happily married since 2001.

Liz J.

Team Member

Liz moved to Northeast Georgia in 2016. She has been part of Amy's Green Cleaning Team since April 2017. She absolutely loves Amy, Rhydon, and the girls she works with cleaning homes. The work environment and the green cleaning products have impressed her greatly. When she isn't working, Liz enjoys hiking, camping and being outdoors as much as possible.

Ashlee S.

Field Director

Ashlee's originally from LaGrange, GA. She moved to North Georgia in 2019. She's a lover of cows, horses, and anything homemade. She enjoys spending her time outside and with her family. What she enjoys most about working with AGC is the people she works with, as well as knowing she's doing her part in preserving the environment. 

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Kelsie A.

Team Member

Kelsie has been with us since August 2018. Kelsie grew up here in North Georgia. She really likes her work and is a pleasure to work with. She also enjoys making soap and is proud to be working with Amy's and there attention to detail as well as  the work they do for the environment.

Tyler V.

Team Member

Tyler is a North Georgia native and has lived here his entire life. He loves to paint, act, sing, and of course clean! He loves working for with AGC because it is such a positive work space and the people are so hardworking. Tyler loves doing his part to help the environment and strive for perfection.

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Bob F

Team Member

Bob joins us with a background in sales, restaurant management and more. Bob has the skills and customer service experience that provides our clients with what they require.  Bob enjoys gardening, fishing, camping, art and performing music.

Team Member


I love coming home after an Amy’s Green cleaning. They provide professional, reliable service and leave the house looking spotless. I appreciate that the house always feels 
“just cleaned” without overwhelming scents from harsh cleaning products. I have recommend their services to many friends and will continue to do so.


Current Client

We have used Amy’s Green Cleaning for several years now and I can honestly say they do a fantastic job. They are the most thorough, professional, easy to work with group and feel they truly go above and beyond every time. In addition, they are quick respond if you have a need and have a very trustworthy staff. I would highly recommend Amy’s Green Cleaning to anyone!


Current Client

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