Fall Blessings and Grateful Gatherings

Here at Amy’s Green Cleaning, we enjoy getting our staff together outside of work to build strong bonds that go beyond our weekly shuffle. In August we took everyone white water rafting. In October we had everyone bring their families to our office for a pumpkin carving contest. Shout out to North Georgia Barbecue, in Cleveland, Georgia for the great food. Cash prizes went to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We are so excited about our November 1st annual, Chili Cook-Off.
These gatherings bring us closer and build a strong company. Our team works very hard and it’s so great to get everyone together to be social and get to know each other better.  Monthly gatherings are just one more reason people love working for Amy’s Green Cleaning.

Preparing For Your Cleaning Service

Hiring residential cleaning services can save you time and ensure your home is clean and healthy. Now that you’ve made the leap in hiring Amy’s Green Cleaning, how can you prepare for your weekly/biweekly visit from our professional cleaning staff? We’ve created some helpful tips below so that you can prepare.
Communicate Expectations 
Understanding what your cleaning person does and doesn’t do is important. Your happiness with our services is most important, so let’s make sure we are all on the same page.

Prepare your Bed / Bedding 
Please make your bed. Don’t leave your bed unmade because that’s not likely to be on the list of things your cleaning person is supposed to do. If you do have a standing arrangement with Amy’s Green Cleaning – and do need your bedding washed, then you should set where it is easy to find so it can be cleaned. If you do have an arrangement for your house cleaner to make your bed, put your linens out where it is easy for them to find them.

Clear all of your Counters
You don’t want your house cleaner trying to figure out where you want all of the things you’ve left out on your kitchen and bathroom counters. Have a place for everything and put everything in its place before your cleaning technician arrives. Anything you don’t usually leave out on the counters should be put up so it is easy for your cleaner to take care of the counters without obstruction.

Put Away Food and Dishes 
It’s not a good idea to leave food out in the first place but leaving it out when your house cleaner is coming is even worse. You’re paying your cleaning person to clean your house, not wash your dishes, put up your food or throw away half-eaten pizza.

“Declutter” your Living Space 
Look around the room and see what clutter has accumulated. It’s easy to throw this here and throw that there but picking up clutter in your room will help your cleaner get done with their job much more effectively and efficiently. Clutter includes clothes, shoes, toys and blankets so please pick them up and put them away neatly before cleaning day.

Having your house ready will make sure that you get the best experience possible. We strive to maintain our reputation as the Best Residential Cleaning Service in Northeast Georgia.  We continue to grow and now provide cleaning services in North Hall and Lumpkin Counties along with White, Habersham and Rabun Counties.  Now that you know how to make your life and the life of your cleaning technician easier with these easy tips, it’s time to get started. Get rid of those cleaning blues and contact us today to get a quote for our high-quality house cleaning services.

Employee Highlight Brooke S.

We are so proud of our team here at Amy’s Green Cleaning that we want to let you know who they are and a little bit about them! This month, I want to introduce you to one of our newer members, Brooke S. 

Brooke has been with our team since April, and she has quickly become a rock star with all she brings to our team! She is so energetic and committed to her clients, and her personality is infectious. Brooke always has a smile and wants to help those around her. She is truly a delight to be around. 

The beautiful North Georgia mountains have always been Brooke’s home. She loves living in the mountains and watching the seasons change every year. A real nature lover, Brooke spends as much time as she can out in the woods by the creek on her property, and she is learning about all the native birds and how to identify them. Brooke also confesses to watching nature documentaries even though she says, “It’s kind of nerdy!” 

An aspiring folk artist, Brooke spends time creating beautiful jewelry, mosaics, and greeting cards/envelopes. Her jewelry trends toward antique and vintage vibes. Brooke loves using nature-inspired colors for her creations.

Brooke loves animals – has a  sweet, 6-toed, tabby cat, Chamomile, who she lovingly refers to as “Millie”. Brooke says that Millie loves to stretch and show off her fluffy, big feet. Millie was a feral cat who showed up on Brooke’s doorstep, trusting no one. She has now decided that she loves the comfort of being a house cat and refuses to go outside. 

Brooke loves being a part of the Best Cleaning Service in Northeast Georgia and how Amy’s leadership team provides so much support. Using environmentally safe cleaning products and providing a quality service is also very important to Brooke, as she wants to continue exploring a personally healthy lifestyle and discovering ways to live environmentally healthy.  

We are so blessed to have Brooke here at Amy’s Green Cleaning. She is a valued asset, who is a perfect fit for our team. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with this beautiful young lady!

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